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By the way, what is hypnosis?

Even after testing the hypnoledge method,


Even after consulting our FAQ,

Even after contacting customer service because you still have some doubts about hypnosis, you still don’t understand what hypnosis actually is? And, what does it represent in the end?

Here, 5 main themes that characterize hypnosis, its genesis and its various and varied uses!

1 – A completely natural state of consciousness

It is a state that you experience every day. A state of trance that you experience when you are in the car, when you are immersed in a movie, in the middle of a game or even in a video game. It is a state that has been practiced for a very long time. There is no magic or manipulation in hypnosis. It is an altered state of consciousness. The hypnotherapist will simply induce this state more quickly and guide the person in a process pre-established by the two parties, for example a gentle or deep hypnotic trance to alleviate concentration disorders or to put an end to an addiction in the context of psychological therapy.

2 – A method that allows us to go beyond our limits

It is in a state of trance that we manage to give the best of ourselves. We can overcome our blockages and finally stop stopping because of our limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are unique to everyone. They can be part of our childhood, our upbringing or our experience. They settle over time and are difficult to identify because they are an integral part of our personality.

  • “I’m slow”
    “I suck at driving”
    “I have a bad temper”
    “Life is too difficult”

These beliefs, we can identify them, modify them and transform them into helping beliefs and this, thanks to hypnosis. Know that a person cannot be reduced to their behavior, it is simply necessary to become aware of what limits you and to modify all that.

3 – A versatile method with various aims

Hypnosis is used in a lot of fields.

Ericksonian hypnosis or medical hypnosis will be used for therapeutic purposes, as part of psychological therapy to help you, for example, to put your finger on the limiting beliefs that give you stress, anxieties, problems of self-confidence, addictions or depressions. It must be an integral part of therapy and can be combined with other methods such as brief therapy, NLP, strategic therapy.

Anesthesia under hypnosis, practiced by two of our founders, completely replaces general anesthesia. Thanks to this practice, only local anesthesia will be necessary to avoid the pain associated with the operation. The hypno practitioner will come and put you in a modified state of consciousness and will avoid conventional techniques. For people who are allergic to certain drugs, who are afraid of general anesthesia or for procedures where general anesthesia is not indicated, this is a fabulous opportunity.

Mental preparation. We said it above, when an athlete is in the middle of a match, he experiences this hypnotic state. So nothing better than the state of hypnosis to prepare for any event where performance will be required. So before an event, a match, an important meeting, many use hypnosis as a preparation for the right state of consciousness.

Thus, hypnosis can be used in all areas as soon as you want.

4 – A learning accelerator

You know how impatient we all are. Always imagining the next move.

As we have seen, hypnosis acts as a real preparation for learning. It accelerates all the cognitive processes that allow us to learn better. Better memorization, better concentration, focus on the present moment and what you are doing. 💫

You forget the blockages and the brakes that you may have and transform this into resources to perform.

Indeed, the unconscious and hypnosis are closely linked and we know that your unconscious represents all the resources that you do not use. You will finally access it, thanks to hypnosis and use it for your learning.

5 – Hypnosis is a personal choice

Going into a trance also means exercising your capacity for imagination. Even if you are in a state of hypnosis naturally, you can choose to promote this state through a hypnotist. If you don’t want to go into hypnosis, you won’t get to this altered state of consciousness.
Hypnosis is therefore a personal choice that comes from an approach that you choose to take.
Do not be tempted to believe that stage hypnosis is not orchestrated and planned in advance. It uses techniques of speed hypnosis, flash hypnosis and has nothing to do with so-called therapeutic hypnosis.

And in case of danger, your subconscious will always bring you back to reality because you may not know it yet, but it is your greatest ally.

So don’t wait any longer and reveal your potential thanks to hypnoledge and all the resources we offer you: 14-day free trial

Barbara Isenbrandt 17 March 2023