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Training companies Innovative language learning by hypnosis

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Create a unique offer of Blended Learning

Enhance your offer, dare to be different and innovative and become an actor in future learning with us!

The benefits

of Hypnoledge©

Your benefits


  • A digital tool to create an opportunity of «blended learning»
  • Higher motivation
  • Better attendance and fewer dropouts during training
  • Increased fluency and comfort in oral expression
  • Truly effective training thanks to hypnosis
  • A two-pronged approach: learning + well-being
  • The pleasure of learning and making progress
  • Learn and make progress more quickly
  • Innovative training – an attractive asset
  • Increase your revenue

Have we piqued your interest?

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Better attendance and enjoyment of learning


Learning under hypnosis offers a pleasant moment of intense refocusing and concentration.

Picking up new information is easier when the learner feels positive and receptive.


By choosing Hypnoledge you are putting people at the heart of learning and helping them to reveal their full potential.

Hypnosis helps concentration, relaxation, releases the learner's mental blocks and boosts self-confidence. Thinking in the language you're learning and expressing yourself freely and spontaneously without automatically translating from your native tongue is the objective of Hypnoledge.

Hypnoledge entices users back to the platform more than other products. Users connect more frequently and diligently
BENOIT JAFFEUX Director of Neobridge, training organisation

Let Hypnoledge guide you

1. Administration

Set up your own accounts and follow your learners progress with the back office

2. Set up

Our experts will help you get set up and operational.

3. Membership

We will help you talk about hypnosis by supplying documentation and marketing material.

4. Progression

Follow your students' progress.