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A student who enjoys learning is a student that feels valued, achieves the best marks, perseveres and feels good!

The benefits

of Hypnoledge©



  • Fun and innovative training, 100% digital
  • A professional solution to serve your students
  • Modules adapted to each student's level
  • Overcome mental blocks associated with learning and speaking foreign languages thanks to hypnosis.
  • Improved performance and skillset
  • Better work/life balance
  • Better validation and implication
  • Increased self-confidence

Have we piqued your interest?

They trust us

Hypnosis for learning


We understand that the young of today will build tomorrow's world.

It is our responsibility to help them unlock their potential. Hypnosis helps overcome mental blocks that inhibit language learners: fear of speaking, making mistakes...


Training by hypnosis positively impacts building their identity and self-confidence.

With Hypnoledge, after just a few sessions, I could say more and understand more. I would have liked to have learned a language that way at school!
AUBIN M School teacher

Let Hypnoledge guide you

1. Offers & Options

You can give each student their own login or choose a lesson to do with the whole class.

2. Administration

Set up your students' accounts and follow their progress

3. Set up

Our experts will help you get set up and operational.

4. Membership

We will help you talk about hypnosis by supplying documentation and talking to you in person or remotely.

5. Progression

Follow your students' progress.