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Your company is listening


of employees are looking for career advancement


want to acquire new skills at work*.

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'What employees want'

The benefits

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  • Attract and employ better candidates
  • Lower absenteeism and associated costs
  • More efficient workers
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Better work/life balance
  • Improved well-being and mental health
  • Superior quality of life at work
  • Soft skills development

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Foreign languages


Your employees can speak a foreign language but don't dare to do so

Hypnosis helps learners to work on their psycho-emotional dimension. They will improve self-confidence, feel inclined to speak and express themselves without fear of being judged.

Personal and soft skills development


A staff member's performance is directly correlated with their personal balance, how they manage their emotions and their state of inner peace.

The Human skills section uses hypnosis to really boost progress. Users choose the areas they want to explore individually at their own pace.

Let Hypnoledge guide you

1. Offers & Options

Each user can choose to benefit or not from Hypnoledge's language section and/or soft skills section.

2. Administration

Set up your staff members' accounts and follow their progress

3. Set up

Our experts will help you get set up and operational.

4. Membership

We will help you talk about hypnosis by supplying documentation and talking to you in person or remotely.

5. Progression

Follow your staff members' progress.