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At your own pace, under hypnosis

Hypnoledge is an innovative method for learning foreign languages under hypnosis. Using this method, hypnosis focusses your attention, allowing your subconscious mind to learn and record a foreign language more easily and quickly. With hypnosis, put an end to the common issues you can be facing : your fear of expressing yourself, your lack of motivation, your concentration difficulties and your lack of self-confidence.

You need a quick and simple

Through hypnosis, activate your subconscious memory processes and learn faster.

Memorise effortlessly

Through hypnosis, boost your memory capacity, and retain what you learn easily and durably.

Don't be distracted anymore!

Through hypnosis, make the most of your learning time through intense concentration. You will feel familiar with the new language right from the start.

Long-term skills

Use your unconscious process to effectively and lastingly integrate a new language.

What are the success factors?

Combine hyperconcentration, hyperfocus and hyperattention to learn foreign languages more easily.

Put an end to your fears and mental blocks!

Through hypnosis, dare to speak a foreign language.

Hypnoledge is an innovative method for learning
foreign languages under hypnosis
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Clients’ experience with Hypnoledge

An amazing website! I have quickly been able to tell the how hypnosis was effective. After level 1, I started to "see" words when listening to English songs on the radio. It's just awesome! My wife, who speaks better English than me, has also been able to make it easier and more natural. You feel so good under hypnosis that it is sometimes hard to repeat words. It's an excellent website that I have already recommended to all those who wanted to improve their skills in a foreign language.

Cédric P.
Cédric P.

I recommend it. In 2 months already, I can tell the difference. I'm no longer afraid to express myself in English. I love Hypnoledge!

Dorothée M.
Dorothée M.

It is in a deep and regenerating relaxation that I discovered the pleasure and the ease of learning a language. Thanks to Hypnoledge, I put imaginary limits aside and found out there is absolutely none!

Laurence V.
Laurence V.

Hypnoledge... What a great discovery! I have been wanting to learn Spanish for years. I first tried a traditional method: buying books... The very first days are motivating but it quickly becomes a chore, and you give up... The Hypnoledge approach is completely different - learning is fun and very pleasant. You are completely immersed in the lesson with immersions in everyday situations. The progress is in no way comparable to the traditional method, not only because the vocabulary comes naturally, but also because the pronunciation is made easier. You can't wait taking your 20-minute lesson as it relaxes you and it really feels good.

Laura G.
Laura G.

An innovative and pleasant method! Through hypnosis sessions, I have been able to gradually integrate how the language works (accent, pronounciation, expressions..) as simply as if I was learning my mother tongue, i.e. without any difficulty Without even realising it, English has interfered in my daily life - in my thoughts, reflection, and dreams sometimes! It was astonished to see how my English was becoming much more flowing. This is what I love about Hypnoledge: learning serenely, with your personal comfort, and at your own pace.

Amandine L.
Amandine L.

It's been a few years since I have been feeling that I my English was suite rusty and that it was not so easy for me to speak anymore, especially in my job. I am a flight attendant and it therefore was essential that I master English to talk with passengers from multiple countries. I was sometimes nervous at the idea not to understand people or not to be able to answer in English. I have tried all kinds of English online methods, books, CDs... always more or less expensive but really not as effective as the Hypnoledge lessons under hypnosis.

Laetitia B.
Edmonde Laetitia B.

Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience every day in moments of relaxation, when we daydream and when we concentrate, e.g. at the cinema when you are absorbed by the movie and when all your attention is focused on it - you don't think about anything else.

What will hypnosis bring to my learning process?

Under hypnosis, your concentration, attention and memory are significatly increase, making the integration of a new language easier. As a result, all the the issues you can be facing with traditional lessons - such as fear of expressing yourself, fear of being ridiculous, lack of self-confidence and decreasing motivation simply disappear. You are released - you are now free to learn easily, quickly and without any effort!

Will it work for me?

Yes, hypnosis is a natural state, so everyone can be hypnotised. The Hypnoledge method is aimed at all audiences, no matter how old you are and whatever your language level is, should you be a beginner or a more advanced student.

When can I do it?

All hypnosis lessons are available 24/7 on our online platform, so you can use Hypnoledge anywhere and at any time of the day. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet to enjoy learning under hypnosis. However, you should not use Hypnoledge while doing something that requires your attention, such as driving.

What are Hypnokeys and Hypnoboost?

Hypnokeys are points that you earn during your training and that allow you to collect rewards with Hypnoboost sessions. Hypnoboost are unique Hypnosis sessions, created by therapeutic hypnosis professionals and that allow you to boost your own skills (boost your self-confidence, improve the quality of your sleep, overcome your fear of public speaking...).

How much does it cost?

For the price of a 1-hour private lesson, access hundreds of hours of unlimited lessons under hypnosis in all languages. For only €19.90/month, with no further obligation, treat yourself to an immersive learning experience in a foreign country - from home.