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Soft Skills

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The method Hypnoledge©

Discover the method

What is a language?

Think of a language as a combination of sounds that make words to illustrate a concept. This is wrapped up in a sentence that is put together in a specific way. These rules are what we call grammar.
Gershon Pinon Founder of Hypnoledge©

To understand
and speak a language you need:

Hard Skills


Soft Skills


Hard Skills

Integrating the language, lessons under hypnosis

Through hypnosis, we reproduce the context of immersion as if you are in a foreign country. Immerse yourself in an everyday scenario or business scenario during a hyper-optimised space-time of 20 to 30 minutes.


20/30mins of hypnosis


Immersion under hypnosis

Every lesson is adapted to your level. Listen to a conversation and guess unfamiliar words and concepts intuitively thanks to the context

Your subconscious will allow you to pick it up like you did when you were a child

4 levels
of learning





Vocabulary module by associating the senses

There is (almost) never any direct translation with Hypnoledge! By not relying totally on your mother tongue you limit the invasive nature of thinking in your own language thereby allowing yourself to listen instinctively.




This module works by associating a sound with a written word and an image to optimise how you encode the information.

Intuitive grammar module

Each lesson breaksdown a grammar rule. After listening, to structure the information in your memory, complete the interactive grammar exercises: word order, verb conjugation, complete the sentences... grammar becomes a game!

This module works by associating a sound with a written word and an image to optimise how you encode the information.

Revision module

Practice makes perfect!

Once you have seen a new word in an exercise, the word will be integrated in the revision module. The image will appear periodically throughout your learning journey to jog your memory. The learner can then see if they remember the word or not.

memorise thousands of words without a conscious effort

An algorithm based on the forgetting curve will remind you of the words that haven't been memorised in intervals of every 1, 3, 7, 14 and 30 days until the words sink in for good!

Days Memorisation %

Soft Skills

I can't do it

it's restrictive

it's too hard

I'll never be able to do it

What's the point of learning a language if you daren't speak it?

Going beyond learning hard skills


The state of hypnosis provides a pleasant physical sensation of relaxation and absence of stress. You can learn in the comfort of knowing that your little voice of self-doubt is switched off


With Hypnoledge you can access real hypnosis sessions as if you were at the hypnotherapist's. Act on your emotional mechanisms and break limiting patterns of behaviour when you want, where you want.


Thanks to our gamification system, your persistence is rewarded and unlocks a whole universe of personal development through hypnosis.


By winning hypnokeys you can access the Hypnoboost area for free. Each course gives you the chance to work on a self objective: boost your confidence, public speaking, improve your self-esteem, maximise your productivity…


To motivate our learners, guide them and support them, we offer a multitude of complete courses.

Image Self-acceptance


Image Improve your self-esteem

Improve your self-esteem

Image Maximise your productivity

Maximise your productivity

Image Manage your emotions

Manage your emotions

Customised sessions as if you were at the hypnotherapist's, for specific, common problems.

The ideal solution for anybody who wants to achieve personal objectives at their own pace