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5 reasons to start learning languages under hypnosis

How to learn a foreign language quickly? What are the effects of hypnosis on language learning? Why choose the Hypnoledge method to learn a language?

You need to be independent in your learning, to save time and be more efficient. You want to succeed in concentrating to memorize better, free yourself from your blockages to gain fluidity and speak the language.

Learning under hypnosis with Hypnoledge is the practice of hypnosis techniques, induction sessions recorded by hypnotherapists in the service of learning a language with linguists.

1 – Succeed in concentrating better to memorize

You know how hard it is to focus on one task at a time.

Succeeding in dedicating your attention to the moment of learning will truly be the key to your success.

The state of hypnosis is a state of hyper-focus that engages all of your abilities. In this state conducive to learning, you work on concentration and memorization.

That’s why in the Hypnoledge method, you start by diving into the state of hypnosis and then listen to a language lesson when you are hyper receptive to learning stimuli.

In short, the state of hyper concentration induces a state of hyper receptivity to ultimately promote memorization.

2 – Manage your time effectively by learning anywhere

Our ways of communicating and learning have greatly evolved. We need to be independent, to trigger our learning moments whenever we want.

To perform a hypnosis session you only need a quiet place, headphones / earphones, your phone or your computer.

Learning in a comfortable and pleasant environment is much more conducive to memorization. The goal is to make learning a strength and to avoid any form of constraint.

We all have reasons that prevent us from starting many activities. Starting to learn a language is on your own. You can start anywhere, anytime and can schedule your hypnosis sessions remotely, from your phone or computer in the location of your choice. Thus, you save time and create an à la carte course with the support of a platform built by hypnotherapists and linguists.

With learning on a 100% digital platform, you can get involved, take a moment for yourself and continue learning anytime, anywhere.

3 – Unlock all your learning potential

What is really blocking our learning? The fear of expressing oneself in the language, the fear of pronouncing the words, in short the fear of ridicule and of not succeeding.

Today, it is the various blockages and limiting beliefs linked to the past that block the deployment of your potential.

Do you have a bad memory related to learning the language? Returning to failure?

Gershon Pinon, psychologist and hypnotherapist:

« Nothing automatic or immediate, as soon as the students enter a state of relaxation, the fear of expressing themselves, the drop in motivation, the anxiety, the lack of confidence, the difficulty of concentration and memorization give way and from then on the difficulties of a classical apprenticeship are eluded ».

Under hypnosis you relax, you are no longer afraid to use all the resources of your brain necessary for the development of your skills. You gain confidence in yourself and your learning potential. Hypnosis allows a reinterpretation of reality and the modification of the beliefs of the learner.

4 – Gain fluidity to pronounce easily

To learn a language, you must speak it.

Pronunciation is a big area of hypnosis. Indeed, you will get closer to an intuitive and natural state and during hypnosis sessions, you naturally repeat vocabulary words and expressions.

Hypnosis works on your emotions related to learning. How ? Hypnosis gives you a feeling of ease, something pleasant and enjoyable. You all know someone who met their partner abroad and learned the language or progressed through an international exchange. This is proof that engaging your emotions anchors a language in your subconscious and makes you remember it for a long time.

The hypnotic state engages the circuit of attention and relaxation. These two circuits are those that promote learning. While a classic method only relies on the part of the brain intended for logic and analysis, the Hypnoledge method will activate the intuitive and emotional part. In an optimized state of consciousness, the language areas (Wernicke and Broca) will be called upon to better integrate the information heard. Hypnosis allows you to focus all your attention to memorize more easily and thus speak in an intuitive, natural and fluid way.

5 – Feel feelings of well-being and calm

It is important to remain determined to learn to associate the method with a positive and appreciated practice.

It is no longer to be proven that hypnosis works on various issues such as stress, sleep, self-confidence to promote well-being and self-knowledge.

To promote your well-being, we have created hypnosis sessions called hypnoboost. They revolve around themes such as “concentrate”, “calm your mind”, “fall asleep peacefully”, “boost your motivation” or even “clean your memory”. They have been developed to accompany you throughout your learning and thus make you gain in peace of mind, but also in performance and well-being.

All this is done for you in the service of easy and long-lasting learning.

Did you know that hypnosis has been known for over 200 years. It is a very specific mode of communication that makes things much more pleasant. A hypnosis session with hypnoledge is 25 minutes for you, in your bubble!

Remember Hypnoledge is the method that will take you from a limiting belief “learning a language is too difficult” to “ultimately, it is easy and pleasant to learn”.

Learning is fast and fluid. You gain skills, you free yourself but you also take time for yourself!

To test the method, go here: www.hypnoledge.com

Under hypnosis, overcome your blockages and learn!

Barbara Isenbrandt 17 March 2023