How to use Hypnoledge correctly?

Here is some advice to use the Hypnoledge method efficiently:

As you will discover, these lessons cover a variety of everyday themes. Each theme has 3 different levels beginner, intermediate and expert with specific content for each level.

For each theme, you have access to:

  • The audio lesson under hypnosis,
  • The translation of the lesson's vocabulary represented in picture form,
  • Exercises to help you learn the vocabulary,
  • The transcript of the lesson that you listen to under hypnosis.

Here are the different stages of the Hypnoledge method:


Choose the theme you're interested in.


Look at the pictures of the vocabulary to get to grips with the new words before listening.


Listen to the lesson under hypnosis.


Look again at the vocabulary pictures to refresh your memory of the words you have just heard.


Do the exercises for that theme to memorize the vocabulary and expressions.


If you want to, you can read the transcript of the lesson.

We advise that you listen to a range of different themes to have a richer learning experience, but we also recommend listening to each theme 5 to 10 times over a period of time in order to consolidate your knowledge of these lessons under hypnosis.

We'd like to emphasize the following points:

  • You don't have to listen to the themes in any specific order. Pick and choose any order you want.
  • Always use earphones or headphones for a more immersive experience.
  • The time between each listening sessions under hypnosis is totally up to you. But please remember that the more your listen under hypnosis, the more you will learn and remember in your new language.

Have fun learning!

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