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About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience every day in moments of relaxation, when we daydream and when we concentrate hard on something. In the cinema, for example, when you are absorbed by a film, when all your attention is focused on it and you don’t think of anything else.
No, you won't sleep. Hypnosis is a natural and active state that occurs when you are hyperconcentrated, relaxed and distracted. When you are absorbed by a good film, you don’t notice time passing, but you are not asleep.
Of course, because hypnosis is a natural state that we all experience several times a day (when driving a car, watching a movie, when we are lost in thought). So everyone can be hypnotised.
Yes, hypnosis is a natural state, so everyone is can be hypnotised. The Hypnoledge method is aimed at all audiences, all ages and whatever your level in the language, beginner or more advanced.
No, it is not dangerous for your health because the state of hypnosis is one of the ways the body functions, it is natural and happens several times a day.
Of course not. It is important to know that hypnosis is a way of taking control of yourself, for yourself and by yourself. Therefore, the subconscious mind only does what is beneficial for itself. If someone were to ask you to do something that was against your values, then you would come straight out of this state of consciousness.
There are no side effects strictly speaking, but when you come out of hypnosis, you feel same way as you would after a good nap.
It is preferable to learn a language through hypnosis in a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. It is therefore strictly forbidden to do it at the same time as an activity that would require your full attention (e.g. driving).
Of course it is. Hypnosis is precisely a means of controlling your subconscious processes.
Remember that we are not in a state of unconsciousness. You can therefore return to a state of mindfulness at any time if it is important for you to return to physical action at some point.
No, it is neither too early nor too late to learn. The state of hypnosis is a skill that we all have from an early age.
Yes, today the medical profession recognizes the benefits of hypnosis. Increasing numbers of doctors and health professionals are being trained to use this tool when caring for their patients.
By being under hypnosis, your concentration, attention and memory are greatly increased, facilitating the rapid integration of a new language. As a bonus, all the obstacles linked to traditional learning such as being afraid to express yourself, being afraid of looking ridiculous, lacking in confidence and motivation are removed. You can then learn easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Registration and subscription

How much does it cost?
For the price of one hour of private tuition, access hundreds of hours of hypnotic tuition in all languages with no limit. For only 19.90€/month, with no further obligation, treat yourself to an immersive learning experience in a foreign country from your own home.
Your subscription allows you to take advantage of all language courses in each level (beginner, intermediate, expert) unlimited, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have access to lesson sessions under hypnosis, to quizzes to work on your vocabulary and to Hypnoboost sessions to optimize your personal capacities.
The family pack allows you to enjoy 4 simultaneous connections on Hypnoledge. You can therefore benefit from your learning method via 4 different profiles at the same time. Follow your personal progress to reach 4 different levels and unlock Hypnokeys to access various different Hypnoboost sessions.
Your subscription is non-binding and can be cancelled at any time with a single click.

Use Hypnoledge

When can I do it?
All our hypnosis courses are available on our online platform 24/7, so you can use Hypnoledge anywhere and at any time of the day. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet to enjoy learning under hypnosis. Be careful, however, do not use hypnolegde in parallel with a task that requires your attention (e.g: driving).
Yes, you can do as many hypnosis sessions per day as you wish. Afterwards, you are free to adapt your pace according to the time you have, how you feel and how quickly you learn.
It all depends on you, your ability to work and your personal goals. It is obvious that the number of listening sessions will be different depending on whether you want to be bilingual or simply understand the language.
Language learning by hypnosis should be done preferably in a quiet place where you will not be distracted. It is therefore strictly forbidden to do so in parallel with an activity that requires your full attention (e.g. driving).
It all depends on what you mean by "mastering a language". For some, it will be a matter of simply understanding it, while for others, it will be a matter of becoming bilingual. It all depends on your personal goals, the time you give yourself and your capacity for work.
Being relaxed is not proof that hypnosis is effective, although we very often feel relaxed after a hypnosis session. So relaxed or not, you can be sure that your subconscious mind memorizes the information at another level. There is no "I couldn't relax", « I didn’t manage it », « my relaxation was interrupted by thoughts», etc. Human beings function with thoughts that continually go through our minds. The only good way to relax is yours!
Hypnokeys are points that you earn during your training and that allow you to reward yourself with Hypnoboost sessions. Hypnoboost are unique Hypnosis sessions, created by therapeutic hypnosis professionals that allow you to boost your own abilities (boost your self-confidence, improve your quality of sleep, overcome your fear of expressing yourself in public).
To earn Hypnokeys, you have to listen to lessons several times, vary the listening to lessons with different themes, and pass the sets of exercises several times. Note that the sets of exercises are designed randomly so the more successful exercises you will do, the more Hypnokeys you will earn. For those impatient to discover the Hypnoboost, you also have the possibility to buy packs of Hypnokeys.